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A Minor Melody
A gorgeous performance piece for recorders, strings, and all C instruments. Book & CD package includes license to copy the notation, full score with individual parts for recorders, viola, cello and bass, and teaching suggestions for movement and  Boomwhackers®. The demo/performance CD includes 70 minutes of interactive music and lessons, four levels of solo echo patterns and a solo accompaniment, track making it easy to learn to improvise. Grade
3 to adult.


A Minor Melody Bk/CD                      $19.95



B-A-G Bossa Nova
B-A-G Bossa Nova – B, A, G never sounded so good, learning to improvise never so easy! Five jazzy, B, A, G friendly tunes that are easy and fun to play on recorders and all C instruments. The 32 page book includes full scores with Boomwhacker® parts, individual recorder parts (including parts for alto and tenor recorders), detailed teaching suggestions, written solfege, a recorder fingering chart, and a note names chart so younger students can have fun playing without having to read music notation. The 50 track demo/performance CD includes numerous interactive lessons, making it easy for anyone to learn to play and improvise all by themselves! Please note – the demonstration and performance excerpts “with and without coaching” found on our website are meant for the web only and are abbreviated versions of the full length tracks which are contained on the CD and in the digital download. Grade 3 to adult.
BAG Bossa Nova Bk/CD                    $24.95


Big Mouth Blues
Totally cool, interactive music for recorders and C instruments. Book and CD include: five tunes in contrasting styles (folk, rock, swing blues in major, latin blues in minor and gorgeous ballad). Begin with B, A, G. Full scores and individual recorder parts. Learn to improvise with three of the tunes. The 70 minute demo/performance CD includes interactive lessons, solo echo patterns, sample solos to emulate and solo accompaniment tracks, making it easy to learn to play the melodies and to learn to improvise. Grade 3 to adult.
Big Mouth Blues Bk/CD                       $24.95
Jingle Bells in 10 Flavors
Great fun with a winter classic! 10 novel arrangements of “Jingle
Bells” for singers and recorders. A perfect novelty number for your winter concert, community choir, show choir or recorder ensemble. Styles include: Traditional, March, Waltz, 5/4 Swing, Cha-Cha, Rap, R&B/Gospel, Country & Western, Native American, & Boogie Boogie. 40 page book with 88 track demo/performance CD includes teaching suggestions, interactive lessons and suggestions for incorporating movement, props and costumes. Pre-schoolers through adults.

Jingle Bells in 10 Flavors Bk/CD           $24.95


(Very Fine Examples)
VFX – Five ear catching and sophisticated, yet playable, educational performance pieces intended to educate the mind, move the body, use the voice and inspire the heart and soul while having a blast moving, or playing recorders, Boomwhackers®, and other C instruments. The book and demo/performance CD include full scores with individual or duet parts for recorders and C instruments, guitar chords, solfege syllables, detailed teaching suggestions and ideas for using Boomwhackers®. The CD features live recorder parts and audio workshops specifically
intended to help you with the teaching process.
VFX Bk/CD                                        $24.95